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Purchasing an annuity is one of the most significant financial decisions you will ever make – and once you’ve committed to it, you can’t change your mind or switch to a more favourable policy. That’s why getting the right information is absolutely vital when you start to think about your retirement.

At Compare Annuity, we can calculate a guideline figure of what your pension annuity might be worth, then put you in touch with an independent financial advisor, who will discuss your options and search the whole market to find the best value annuity quotes based on your personal circumstances. This is a free service and you’re under no obligation to buy any of the quotes provided to you.

Understanding the Open Market Option

If you’ve been with the same pension provider for many years, you might be tempted to simply buy your annuity from them without exploring any other options. However, annuity rates vary significantly across different providers and schemes, and doing this could cost you £1,000s every year in lost income.

The open market option means you have the legal right to search for the best rate available. Remember, you are under no obligation to buy an annuity from your current pension provider.

Our Service

Exploring the entire annuity market can be a time consuming and bewildering prospect – particularly if you’re not confident in discussing potentially complex financial terms. When you use our annuity calculator, we’ll take a few simple details and put you in touch with an independent financial advisor who can access the most up-to-date information from all of the UK’s leading annuities providers to help you to find you a personally tailored quote that offers the best value for your circumstances. They can also discuss annuity alternatives such as income drawdown and phased retirement.

This service is completely free, and there is no obligation to buy any of the quotes you are offered. For more information, call us on 0800 038 3432 or fill in our secure form for an instant guideline quote and to get connected to an advisor in your area.

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people to boost their retirement income with a personal annuity comparison.

Our service is free and there is no obligation to buy any quotes provided by our annuity specialists.

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Benefits of speaking to a specialist

  • Personally tailored annuity comparisons
  • Unbiased, plain-English information about different annuity products available
  • Whole-market comparison service
  • No obligation to buy any quotes provided
  • Free service with no hidden costs

About our service

At Compare Annuity we work with a network of carefully selected annuity specialists to offer free, no-obligation quotes based on a whole-of-market comparison service. Our quotes are tailored specifically to your needs, helping you to come to a more informed decision about how to manage your post-retirement income.

Our service is completely free, and there is no obligation to make a purchase on any of the quotes provided to you.

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Are you getting the best value for your pension savings?

If you fail to explore the market, you could be losing out on £1,000s in lost income. Claim your free, no obligation personal annuity comparison today to find the best value quotes from across the market.

33% of people fail to shop around before buying an annuity.

40% of people could be eligible for a higher retirement income with an enhanced annuity.

Just 6% of people take advantage of enhanced annuity rates on retirement.

Why it's always worthwhile to shop around

60% of retirees

Over half of all UK adults could qualify for enhanced annuity rates

£1bn lost annually

Amount thrown away every year as a result of people failing to shop around to find the best annuity rates.

1500 lifestyle & medical conditions

Approximate number of lifestyle and medical conditions that can be taken into consideration to secure a higher annuity rate.

2 out of 3 adults

Proportion of the adult population in the UK who have higher than recommended cholesterol levels. Source: NHS 2011

80% of retirees could get a better deal

4/5 of retirees who buy an annuity from their pension provider could get a better deal by shopping around.

21% quote increase

Average increase on their original quote enjoyed by retirees who take the time to shop around.

These figures are taken from the FCA's tables, MGM Advantage, and Just Retirement, October 2012. The healthy non-smoker quote is an average rate. Figures are for a 65 year old male with a £100,000 pension fund. Level income, no guarantee period. The percentage extra shown alongside the health or lifestyle conditions can apply irrespective of the size of pension fund.

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